Sweet Valley Twins

1: Best Friends

2: Teacher’s Pet

3: The Haunted House

4: Choosing Sides

5: Sneaking Out

6: The New Girl

7: Three’s a Crowd

8: First Place

9: Against the Rules

10: One of the Gang

11: Buried Treasure

12: Keeping Secrets

13: Stretching the Truth

14: Tug of War

15: The Older Boy

16: Second Best

17: Boys Against Girls

Super Editions 1: The Class Trip

18: Center of Attention

19: The Bully

20: Playing Hooky

21: Left Behind

22: Out of Place

23: Claim to Fame

24: Jumping to Conclusions

Super Editions 2: Holiday Mischief

25: Standing Out

26: Taking Charge

27: Teamwork

28: April Fool!

29: Jessica and the Brat Attack

30: Princess Elizabeth

Super Editions 3: The Big Camp Secret

31: Jessica’s Bad Idea

32: Jessica on Stage

33: Elizabeth’s New Hero

34: Jessica, the Rock Star

Super Chillers 1: The Christmas Ghost

35: Amy’s Pen Pal

36: Mary is Missing

37: The War Between the Twins

38: Lois Strikes Back

39: Jessica and the Money Mix-up

Super Chillers 2: The Ghost in the Graveyard

40: Danny Means Trouble

41: The Twins Get Caught

42: Jessica’s Secret

43: Elizabeth’s First Kiss

Super Chillers 3: The Carnival Ghost

44: Amy Moves In

45: Lucy Takes the Reins

46: Mademoiselle Jessica

47: Jessica’s New Look

48: Mandy Miller Fights Back

49: The Twins’ Little Sister

50: Jessica and the Secret Star

51: Elizabeth the Impossible

52: Booster Boycott

53: The Slime That Ate Sweet Valley

54: The Big Party Weekend

Super Editions 4: The Unicorns Go Hawaiian

55: Brooke and her Rock-Star Mom

56: The Wakefields Strike it Rich

57: Big Brother’s In Love

58: Elizabeth and the Orphans

59: Barnyard Battle

Super Chillers 4: The Ghost in the Bell Tower

60: Ciao, Sweet Valley

61: Jessica the Nerd

62: Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mom

63: Poor Lila!

64: The Charm School Mystery

Magna Editions 1: The Magic Christmas

65: Patty’s Last Dance

66: The Great Boyfriend Switch

67: Jessica the Thief

68: The Middle School Gets Married

69: Won’t Someone Help Anna?

Super Chillers 5: The Curse of the Ruby Necklace

70: Psychic Sisters

71: Jessica Saves the Trees

72: The Love Potion

73: Lila’s Music Video

74: Elizabeth the Hero

Magna Editions 2: A Christmas Without Elizabeth

75: Jessica and the Earthquake

76: Yours for a Day

77: Todd Runs Away

78: Steven the Zombie

79: Jessica’s Blind Date

Super Chillers 6: The Curse of the Golden Heart

80: The Gossip War

81: Robbery at the Mall

82: Steven’s Enemy

Super Chillers 7: The Haunted Burial Ground

83: Amy’s Secret Sister

Magna Editions 3: BIG For Christmas

84: Romeo and Two Juliets

Super Editions 5: Lila’s Secret Valentine

85: Elizabeth the Seventh-Grader

86: It Can’t Happen Here

87: The Mother-Daughter Switch

Super Chillers 8: The Secret of the Magic Pen

88: Steven Gets Even

89: Jessica’s Cookie Disaster

90: The Cousin War

Super Chillers 9: Evil Elizabeth

91: Deadly Voyage

92: Escape from Terror Island

93: The Incredible Madame Jessica

Super Editions 6: The Twins Take Paris

94: Don’t Talk to Brian

95: The Battle of the Cheerleaders

96: Elizabeth the Spy

Super Editions 7: Jessica’s Animal Instincts

97: Too Scared to Sleep

98: The Beast Is Watching You

99: The Beast Must Die

100: If I Die Before I Wake

101: Twins in Love

102: The Mysterious Dr. Q

103: Elizabeth Solves It All

104: Big Brother’s In Love Again

105: Jessica’s Lucky Millions

Super Editions 8: Jessica’s First Kiss

106: Breakfast of Enemies

107: Twins Hit Hollywood

108: Cammi’s Crush

Super Editions 9: The Twins go to College

109: Don’t Go In the Basement

110: Pumpkin Fever

111: Sisters at War

Super Editions 10: The Year Without Christmas

112: If Looks Could Kill

113: The Boyfriend Game

114: The Boyfriend Mess

Super Editions 11: Jessica’s No Angel

115: Happy Mother’s Day, Lila

116: Jessica Takes Charge

117: Down With Queen Janet!

118: No Escape!

Super Editions 12: Good-Bye Middle School

Super Editions 13: Elizabeth: Next Stop Jr. High

Super Editions 14: Jessica: Next Stop Jr. High

Team Sweet Valley 1: Jessica Goes for Gold

Team Sweet Valley 2: Win One For Sandra

The Unicorn Club 1: Save the Unicorns!

The Unicorn Club 2: Maria’s Movie Comeback

The Unicorn Club 3: The Best Friend Game

The Unicorn Club 4: Lila’s Little Sister

The Unicorn Club 5: Unicorns in Love

The Unicorn Club 6: The Unicorns at War (Super Edition)

The Unicorn Club 7: Too Close for Comfort

The Unicorn Club 8: Kimberly Rides Again

The Unicorn Club 9: Ellen’s Family Secret

The Unicorn Club 10: Mandy in the Middle

The Unicorn Club 11: Angels Keep Out

The Unicorn Club 12: Five Girls and a Baby

The Unicorn Club 13: Who Will Be Miss Unicorn?

The Unicorn Club 14: Lila on the Loose

The Unicorn Club 15: Too Cool for the Unicorns

The Unicorn Club 16: Bon Voyage, Unicorns!

The Unicorn Club 17: Boyfriends for Everyone

The Unicorn Club 18: Rachel’s in, Lila’s out

The Unicorn Club 19: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

The Unicorn Club 20: In love with Mandy

The Unicorn Club 21: Snow Bunnies

The Unicorn Club 22: Jessica’s Dream Date

The Unicorn Club 23: Trapped in the Mall